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Arrogancy: Chapter 3 (SV)

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First things first - I was recently laid off! If anyone knows of any open illustrator or graphic design, etc. positions, please let me know! Now, on with the description:

This is the "small version" of Arrogancy: Chapter 3. The full version is too large to place on this site - Tom said he'd do it manually later. However, I decided to upload this more "accessible" version for modem users.

This version is lacking lip syncing and voices. The full version is available on my site.

In the third episode, the story and animation evolves even more. It's around 5 minutes long. Uh...that's about all I can say.

Warning: For those of you that come here to strictly see random violence with an overabundance of blood, naked dress up pictures, and stickmen shoot em ups with backgrounds exported from Swift 3D - you won't find it here, so don't download this and then give me a zero because it wasn't what you wanted to see. This is the third part of a continuing series, so you may be lost if you don't view the other two first.

See if you can find spots for the following NG movies in this episode:

Xiao Xiao
Work It
Pico 2


Morderhaschen, chew on this.

Listen, Morder, when people submit their flash to this site, they didn't do it with your standards as their priority. If you compare this to a lot of other Flash on this site, it comes out pretty damn good. Yes, he could work on the voicing. But if you have such high standards for this stuff, why do you come to this site? This is partly for UNDERGROUND artists that couldn't make it prime-time. So if you're some hot-shot who can do Mel Blanc voices and draw like Stan Lee, congrats. But your expectations aren't welcome here. Nor is your attitude.

I thought the Final Fantasy movie was crap...

Ouch, buddy, no wonder you got laid off. You suffer from a severe case of "I learned to draw by watching anime", generally characterized by a completely disfunctional understanding of anatomy and proportion. The voice work in the previous episodes were horrendous. Your artistic "style" (I'll be nice and call it "style", though I think the word "handicap" would be more fitting) bad voice work (I'm assuming done in part by your self) and vices such as the lame gratuitous nude scene make me believe you're an obese pasty faced loser.


love the nudes could be longer thoe

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was a'ight,jus lik i thought bout tha first an 2nd episode'z

Best thing ive ever seen on newgrounds

Absolutly amazing

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3.81 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2002
9:21 PM EST
  • Daily Feature March 2, 2002