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Venture into space! Exploring distant planets and solving their puzzles to change the way the world

views you, become a hero!

Each planet has a puzzle to solve, when you figure out what it is and solve it the planet will regain

color and the screen will flash.

- Use the W and S keys to spin all the way around in a circle (A-S-D-W-A).
- Hit P or Esc to pause.
- If you're stuck on a planet,take a break and come back to it later.


Aether is an "Art Game" about personal childhood feelings and experiences. Please keep and open mind

when playing, relax and enjoy the game.

If the game is running slow for you, there is a link on the title screen to a standalone PC/Mac version

that will run a lot faster on slower computers.

Edmund McMillen = Design/Art
Tyler Glaiel = Programing/Design/Music

Visit www.glaielgames.com for other games by Glaiel!


ASDW = Move and jump.
Mouse click = Shoot out your grapple tongue to grab onto clouds, swing around to throw yourself into

space, release the mouse to let go. Keep in mind with enough momentum you can swing all the way around.



this is the most weirdest most awesomest game i played in my life
its cool i is continoued

and to answer the question below me:
you have to grab couds and other stuff untill you are out of the planet and into space then you have 0 gravity an you can just face the direction tou want and he will go to the planet

Breathtaking Experience!

Now THIS is a fun game!

From the beginning story, to the beginning leap out of the planet Earth, we delve deep into the imagination of the boy, and what an adventure it was! Whether it was the Water World, the Rocky World, or the Crystal World, there was definitely sights for us to behold around every single turn, and a puzzle for us to enjoy at each planet. Variety and uniqueness definitely is not lacking at all in this game, and that's what I love about it.

The beginning was actually a slow start for myself because it took me awhile to get used to the "swing" idea, but after that, it was all smooth sailing from there. For the first time in awhile, I actually had FUN doing puzzles. Not to say puzzles aren't fun, but sometimes puzzles can get frustrating to do, which takes out some of the fun in them, but when you have a serene and quiet environment, with only piano music playing in the background, the some-what easy puzzles become a great pair with the environment it's attached too.

The various dialogues I encountered throughout the adventure were quite confusing at first, but then it started to take shape as to what it was all about, and then my thoughts were confirmed after I took the time to read your author's comment. >_< The great thing about though is that I can relate to this. It definitely is about the childhood mind, and it's confinement to go with society, but once you take away the confinement (I.E. the beast under his command), the imagination runs wild and free, allowing anyone, I.E. the child, to do whatever they want without a care in the world. What a surreal experience and realization this was. Phenomenal idea guys.

The music was an absolutely perfect choice. I couldn't of imagined any other kind of music that would go well with this game as this music has done for this game. I also loved how on each planet, you would make a different music beat to go along with the piano music that was playing. That definitely shows you put a lot of effort and thought into your music when you want to display it in a game. Unfortunately, I'm not very knowledgeable about the various aspects that come along with this music, like percussion and what not. I'm kind of learning them, so you'll have to excuse my lack of appreciation for the various parts of sound that make this music whole, but don't get me wrong, I definitely love the music piece for what it's worth. I hope that counts for at least something, and if it doesn't, sorry.

The physics, the background, the changing camera angles, you guys really refined those parts on this game, and that's what made this game that much sweeter. You can tell the artist took a pretty darn long time to make the details of this game come to light. Whether it was the background that would show up every once in awhile, but would be different every time you passed by it, the various creatures that inhabited each planet, the various landscapes that were made on the planet, or even the planet itself, the precision artistry shown in this game was definitely well appreciated from this person here (Me). Awesome job.

This is definitely a fantastic game you two have created. It's been awhile since I've been this peaceful with playing a game. I think, for almost a minute or so, I was taken away from the idea of trying to beat the game, and was more into knowing what it would of been like if I were able do that and experience that kind of adventure myself. Made me forget about all my troubles and worries in the world, and drift into a very unforgettable feeling of peace of mind. Keep it up you guys, you're one heck of a pair of flash artists, and I hope to see more great games from you guys. I don't know if you two have worked a lot together in the past, but if this is a first for you two together, then I can only imagine what will be in store for us in the next game you two come out together with. Not very sure if this should have a sequel since the game alone was grand as it is, but if you ever do, then all the sweeter it is. Thanks for the fun game! I definitely downloaded it.

- Nondo

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this is what gaming is about....

this is what gaming is about. Thanks for sharing something so beautiful, and truly soulful.


I am Spiderman!!!!!!

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Incredible game ! Nice wark ! Incredible again.

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4.44 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2008
8:35 PM EDT
Action - Other

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