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Spaceman Bobs Time Apple

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Hello Newgrounds.

This is a little short ive created for the Melbourne Animation Clubs monthly challenge, this is my first time enterting so i thought id experiment a bit with my animation style, choosing a more limited animation style to what id normally do. This months theme was time travel and thus this little cartoon was born. I had alot of fun animating this way, and invested hours and hours into the backgrounds alone, and i plan to animate more like this in the future. Anyways, this is the story of Spaceman Bob, who is given a magic apple that allows you to go further back in time with each bite. This cartoon certainly wont be to everybodys tastes, but i hope some of you people out there enjoy it. :)

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haha. that was really good!

I like the art in general, It seems that your style is to make cartoons that remind peole of the 50´s and so, wich is awesome, I like your combination of colours. Its VERY colorful without being rainbowy.

however, I dont get why dont you make more frama by frame stuff for the transitions of the characters, for examlple, supose the character makes a change from one position to another, in his arms, why not make a couple of frames to simulate the movement.

anyway really nice. I love the music.

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3.37 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2008
8:29 PM EDT