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The Gray 2

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[EDIT] Fixed end (again)
[EDIT]Fixed some moving puzzles

The gray 2 serves more puzzles and entertainment than ever before.
It still has the cheat but please avoid using it.
Also turn up the sound so you can hear tips given to you.




the puzzle style is over done and only good when backed by great graphic or some sort of original tweek in it, as for the ending, it just suck ass...periode

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uhh.. yeah

that wasn't actually scary but more surprising than it was scary
i was like what is that? oh..
i was too easy to cheat on

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Next time around...

Heres a few things you can do to improve:

1. Get rid of the screamer- This kind of thing just makes people angry and more likely to blam your flash.

2. Add some anti-cheating code- you can probably find some in the fourms if you ask nicely.

3. Try to smooth out the graphics a bit- better looking flashes seem to score higher.

4. Add more levels- This flash is pretty short. Try to get at least ten levels.

triforceguy1 responds:

1) ???
2) Thanks
3) Ok I will
4) It's suppose to be a surprise attack, that's why it only has a few levels (like the scary maze)

I turned of the volume

Lol! I KNEW it was a screamer cause of you with that turn up the volume thing. But its kinda a clone of the maze. 4/10

Obviously a screamer

Nice try.

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1.18 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2008
3:07 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid