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Hello, some people suggest I submit my flash here so I can get more critiques than in deviantart (no offence to you guys, but I do need more than "OMG AWESOME" or "COOL"), so I turn to you pros for some helpful tips. This is the second full colored flash I've made. Most are black and white and there is one that is colored, so I migt submit it here.

First submission!! WHOOT! Watch and review please


EDIT: Sorry I noticed when the movie ended, it loops all over again, so I put a stop and play command.
EDIT AGAIN: Lol, I guess most people liked it, and thank you all for the wonderful criticism and helpful tips (except one @_@) and I will do my best to make more and better flash =3

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Good, i thought the graphics were really good and stylistic, but i really didnt like the song

like the style... but needs a little work

you really do need to keep practicing for this to work, the fluency was good, but the graphic quality was a bit off... this will improve over time my friend just have patience and enough time to practice.
Also is this going to be a series? Looks like a good idea to me.

graphics are nice

I really enjoy your drawing style, still the plot of this submission either does not exist or I haven't noticed it.

gaaaah responds:

lol it's actually a intro theme to my anime -_-lll

its ok

but i dont really git it

nice animation by the way but it needs a story

unless this is a traler or teaser

go back to deviant arts

No offense but the only reason you're getting above a 1.50 is because the cartoon was anime, and people on this site seem to drool over anime stuff... don't get me wrong you have potential at animating, it just seemed to much like slideshow of some 16 year old wapanese chicks bad anime drawings combined with sickening j-pop than an actual cartoon... besides, there was no story, it was a theme song meshed together with the same old stereo types you get in every anime and they're dog... most of the characters looked like reconstructions of characters from the Hack series, Bleach, a few other animes whose names i can't remember.

you're drawings were good just not good enough to be passable at Newgrounds... but I suppose all the weeaboo's here will prove me wrong once again and drool over this just like they do with every other anime thing

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3.65 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2008
11:54 PM EDT