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This took a lot of work, so if you would be so kind as to give your credit card information to any account co-authored, it would be much obliged.

And Kemmy says hi.


I am speechless.

A tremendous amount of effort went into this, that much is certain.
The moment i saw NGFan14 in the authors list, i knew, i KNEW this would be a flash to change the course of history. Then, i saw the names of the other authors... well, i almost screamed with anticipation. During the loading time, i was furiously willing it to speed up, so i could watch something, which i knew, was going to be a true flashterpiece.
Then it starts... the main menu sent chills down my spine. The background, the words. 'Press Space To Return To The Menu'. Poetry, no other words for it.
And the links. Just 3 links, 3 choices, 3 separate paths. The choice itself almost drove me insane! Which to choose first?
I decided to watch 'Mavis Ball', and i was greeted with an ingenious adaptation of a standard PokeBall, edited, to include a well drawn face of the great Mavis Beacom. The music made me leap up and dance. It was spectacular.
Then... as instructed, i pressed space, and was greeted with that awe inspiring main menu. I then chose PURPIN IS A BUG TYPE. But not before marvelling at the incredibly well drawn Bug Trainer. What followed was intense, never ending humor, with spectacular graphics to match! I was laughing for the whole thing, yet at the same time, staring at the spectacularly well drawn characters. I feel as though i could TOUCH that MetaPod!
Finally... the Snorlax flash...
Needs no explenation...epic...that is THE word.... EPIC!!!
I can't think of anything else. Good luck with future flash, this was... spectacular...
I feel lowly in comparison to this flash. ALL SHOULD WATCH IT!

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MinusNick responds:

Good Sir Fohn, you do indeed have a way with words.


he's sexy and you know it.

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MinusNick responds:

Damn straight!

It's hyperbeam.

Not super beam.

MinusNick responds:

It's Flareon, not Cericon.


I laughed the entire time. You should make a Sequel.

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MinusNick responds:

The Party has more humor production planned, don't you worry!

ure osum

srsly teh bst moovee iv evr seen!!1

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MinusNick responds:

LOLZILLA, you're a pretty cool guy!

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Sep 6, 2008
9:51 PM EDT

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