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Star Work 10 Teaser

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After nine episodes, I'm bringing my Star Work series to a close. This is an teaser movie of sorts for the 10th and last episode. Enjoy and leave a review

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butt will you make something other than the teaser, or was this the last of star work

star work is sugery. shit! i meant sweet

Uptown-SlimJim responds:

There's going to be a three part finale to the series this winter, sorry if that was a little vague. Also thanks for clearing up that last bit. I thought you said Star Work was sugary shit, and that would have been a little nutty. Thanks for watching

Dude, please don't tell me

this series is coming to an end!

I've said it before, and I'll say it agian (I dunno if I'm using the same words or not, I'm not keen on detail), the series is awesome!

Here I am, at work. Cold and bored. So I decided to check if you had done anything new, and I find this! I hope this is some sort of twist, and the series will continue after it.

Anyhow, kudos on your submission.

Uptown-SlimJim responds:

Sorry dude, but all good things must come to an end. Hopefully you'll take some comfort in knowing the end won't be here for a while and that it's shaping-up to be a good one.

GG Jameson

I like how you mirror your real life in your flash cartoons. Maybe when ea hires you back you'll once again be inspired bring this shiznit back.

Uptown-SlimJim responds:

They'd have to meet some condition for that to happen, lemme tell ya

I've noticed a trend

You do excellent work, but it seems you always end your series at episode ten, with a three-part finale. So is that the secret to your success?

Uptown-SlimJim responds:

Well, its debatable whether its met with success or not, but I do think last episodes of anything need to be spectacular. I've seen so many people start series on newgrounds and then stop around the third or sixth show because they just lost interest or what have you. I think 10 is a good solid number to do and that its worth finishing what you start with a bang. But that's just me.

Pretty cool that you've been noticing stuff like that. Take 'er easy.

Pretty good

Pretty good for a Teaser! Looking forward for the full thing 7/10

Uptown-SlimJim responds:

Thanks man, stay tuned