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This little project probably deserves an explanation. Some time ago, I was messing around in Flash just to practice a little bit, but I wasn't planning on committing myself to it; but that was before my teacher saw it. For whatever reason, he liked it and encouraged me to keep working on it. It didn't take me a very long time to complete it. If I weren't so lazy, I probably could have had this done in just a few days. Everything in the animation was drawn with the mouse (with the exception of some text). The animation is done almost entirely frame-by-frame. The sound effects are all verbal, so it deliberately sounds crappy. The whole idea behind this animation is that it's supposed to look like it had been rushed. After all, this is mostly just practice for animating drawings that were done with the mouse. If you don't like it, please be honest. Otherwise, I might be encouraged to make a sequel.


Very funny

i thought the animation was well done despite the fact that you intended it to look rushed. the blood was well done, i thought the shit cycle scene was quite funny, and the rainbow was unbelievably funny. Keep up the good work

At some points

It was funny and others it was just plain sick.
But the funny parts made up for it!

A neat collection of violence and scatological hum

Never have I see someone implement such forms of pee pee kaa kaa jokes...
than in this short collection of flashes.
U...are really sick!
But it's that funny kind of sick. So it's okay.
But I felt it could've been animated just a bit better.


It wasn't terribly entertaining, but there was some potential in here. It was entertaining for what it was (I enjoyed the library scene), so good job. The sound effects were entertaining, as well... like the tree chopping... chop... chop... chop..... I have to go return some video tapes.

Random random random

It was pretty funny in some spots, other just didn't reall get me. However, the interesting way you did the sounds was pretty cool.

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4.10 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2008
10:41 PM EDT
Comedy - Original