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UPDATE - 09/05/08
- Fixed the error that prevented returning to the main menu after the tut, yet another bug introduced by the SKIP button >=-(

- Fixed SKIP button sound glitch
- Added left off control to controls screen

Its been a while since I posted anything to Newgrounds thanks to college life starting up.

I finished this game about a month ago, but haven't had time to submit it. Today, I present the finished RGB Cannon. Instructions can be found in game. There is now an included skip button in the tutorial for all of the people who proved me wrong and displayed that Newgrounds-ers have an average attention span that is under 4 minutes. Kudos to you guys =).

Anyways, peace and love.

All constructive comments are welcome, they are listened too! No matter how sarcastically I respond ;-).


... basic

Tutorial is too long and take ages to get to the point
Control page is informative at least.

Most of the gameplay is left to shoot the right color on the right box.. then when colors start to get more confusing hp get down fast.. but the concept was interesting.

Not much fun to be had imho,

Some problems...

Well, for starters, the "skip" button for the tutorial doesn't stop the audio, so even if you skip the tutorial, you still have to listen to the whole thing. Also, at the end of the tutorial, the narrator states "you will return to the title screen".... however, the game just stays on a black, blank screen with no way to return to title. Because of this, the game must be closed and relaunched. Also, the tutorial isn't really complete.. it states "that's all you need to know to play the game," however, you don't cover how to change the pixel colour or how to shoot the cannon. I realize there is a controls section that covers this, but what's the point of having a tutorial if the player still needs to check another section to find out how to play? The tutorial should be all-inclusive, and the "Controls" section should only exist as something for the player to refer back to so they don't have to sit through the whole tutorial again.

This game is also pretty darn difficult, mainly due to the fact that multicoloured emoticons, once turned into a solid R/G/B colour, still deduct from your Passion if you continue shooting them with the previous pixel colour that was used. Personally, I don't think this is fair, as there is no way to tell how many shots it takes to change an emoticon from one colour to another. I think there should be a brief moment, once the emoticon has changed colours (even if it's not a solid colour yet) in which the pixel being fired at it has no bearing on your Passion meter.

Additionally, the emoticon colours are a bit superfluous... why are there C/M/Y emoticons, as well as slightly brighter versions of all three C/M/Y icons? I would think it goes without saying that any brightness variation of a colour would result in the same combination of primary pixels (magenta = red + blue; bright magenta = red + blue... gee, really?). What was the purpose in putting in these extraneous, minor colour modifications? The pastel versions, in my opinion, aren't different enough to be too noticeable; if the "bright" emoticons were removed, the pastels would definitely stand out compared to the regular C/M/Y colours.

Overall, an interesting concept indeed, but I think the colour combinations make the game get too hard too quickly, and having the powerups as white blocks (i.e. requiring all 3 colours) takes too much focus away from destroying the emoticons; more often than not, trying to get a powerup involved a great loss to my Passion meter.

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Sound Effects:-10

Not an incredibly horrible game, or incredibly good game. I personally liked it, however, I only really have a few real complaints about it. First of all, the first time you watch the tutorial, and it says "You will now be sent to the main menu" nothing happens. I had to reload the game. Secondly, maybe a tutorial with written words along with the audio would be better. I'm not saying I didn't like the audio tutorial, it's just that it took so long to listen to. I'm saying like, 3-5 minutes. As a common newgrounder, I can tell you that we lose interest and start drifting off, or just wing it. With that said, I cannot discredit you with leaving out the part that you have to press the spacebar to change the color you are firing because I may not have heard as I lost interest halfway through the backstory. Thirdly, the learning curve was much to drastic. By the time I reached level three I was loosing blocks like crazy. Im not saying that the learning curve was bad, but just a tad to steep. My final thing to say isnt a complaint, more of a FYI. The only reason you did not get a 0 on sound effects is because I am unsure whether sound effects would actual work with this game. So you lucked out there :D. Anyways, thats my review, responses are appreciated.

As always,

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what a waist of time...

no offence but you just waisted some of my precious time... I don't have time to waist but I thought I would drop a line we all like reviews correct... Peace... Also if this is the finished version I would hate to see the unfinished what exactly is this thing... Alls I figured out was the tutorial doesn't explain anything at all?


The tutorial is too long and at the end it does NOT return to the main menu.

XBigTK13X responds:

This was a glitch brought about by the addition of the SKIP button. Blame the ADD people on NG ^_^.

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Sep 5, 2008
5:50 PM EDT
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