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Smash Bros. Murder Omega!

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Okay, this is the conclusion to Mario's Day Off. Now I'm gonna go play Castle Crashers, new on the Xbox Live Arcade!



so this is how it ends, huh? kinda lacking....ALOT, if you ask me though (my thoughts, ok?) But the series were awesome even though there were some sound delays at times, it was great.

But, i cant help to feel really sorry for luigi at the end (but he does look like weegee)

alright, but unexpected

It was good, just a bit lacking into how ti all ended. Does this mean the Super Smash Bros Muder series is over?

Nice smart conclusion

I liked the series though some ideas were bad. Mario remains the same like it should. Just he does nothing insted of going back in time.

Luigi is sad... but where was Yoshi?

And uuhm.... the rest is simple. Great series too bad you ended it.
And stanley died? I don't think he died by driving off a cliff.... what happens if he... AVOIDED THE RESET!? Possible sequal?

Pretty sad at the credits

This was an overall best one of the series
but the end with luigi waiting all day was pretty sad

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Well...that was somewhat anti-climatic...

Mario's Still a bastard

Peach still gets abused

And Future Mario will never make a reappearance.

Still...it was clever work including Miyamoto in the flash as the Overloard of the Nintendo Universe. Where a simple control of the Wii remote controls the destiny of the characters.

Thanks for making a conclusion (despite the distraction of Castle Crashers)

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3.90 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2008
4:59 PM EDT
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