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Smash Bros. Murder Omega!

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Okay, this is the conclusion to Mario's Day Off. Now I'm gonna go play Castle Crashers, new on the Xbox Live Arcade!


Oh My God Reset

Mario killed everyone even himself now that was an amazing freaking parodie

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i fell bad

poor luigi but stil good season

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pretty good

It was good but i wanted to see mario kick some ass

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Erm thats what u get for F ing with time.

So in the end Mario neverd went to Luigi's B-day and he acted loseing his retarted brother was the worst thing that everd happend to him... Some how I feel like Mario got jiped in the end and just started over for a new day... Any ways that was a good way to advoid the subject on Sonic vs Snake. I guess your going to have to go back to that subject now. Unless if your planing to tell another smash bros chacters story. Poor Luigi tho.. His brother forgot all about him.

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Funny, but Luigi crying mede me cry too T_T

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3.90 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2008
4:59 PM EDT
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