The Necronomicon 2.0

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The sequel is now up on Newgrounds - you can check it out by selecting the 'also by this author' in the bottom left.

A brand new version of the card game The Necronomicon, with a new game mode, and full of new art drawn up by various contributors. There are now 30 ranks to beat, and the game ends when either you get to 30 before your opponent, or they beat you up to rank 30.

Bug fixes, game changes and tweaks, and a whole new game mode called Challenge Mode. Defeat the opponent in a series of scenarios where the odds are stacked against you.

Also includes some rule changes and creatures now have additional abilities.

** NEW - . - MASSIVE update to how the cards are dealt out. Basically what happens now in the fix is that you both have a deck of whatever amount of cards are unlocked, and each card will be seen once by each of you. There will be no duplicate cards appearing until your deck has been exhausted and shuffled, and so the only dups you will see are the cards you held from the previous shuffle. Makes everything much more balanced.


better than the first

good game though i am not to sure how random it is .. found that after level 6 or so the computer seems to get really good hands while you get crap. but im a huge lovecraft fan so i love it anyway and give it a 10

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Much better than the old one, need more cards thought xD

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my fav card is dark retural!


I finally beat the entire game and all the challenges, to beat I thought the hardest challenge was challenge 13. It was pretty enjoyable and a good time killer, It took me a while to figure out how to use my cards effectively but the game was really easy afterwards.

Hint for future players: I figured out how to beat challenge 20 on the second try, he cant be hurt by magic but if you use one of the attacks that ignore elder sign and invulnerable(such as raid or shotgun, or tommy gun), then you can kill him.
Also, for challenge 16, you dont lose when you go insane(even though it says so).

the strategy that ive written below is pretty much common sense, but would probably be helpful to new players
strategy: was basically to use any taint or monster cards immediately(unless the opponents starting health is above 40) followed by cards that add to your elder sign, then cards that boosts the arcane sign and lastly, use the cards that purely deal damage. If the opponent has a lot of health you might want to stall for boosting your arcane sign a bit and then unleashing all the attacks that receive damage boosts from arcane(lets call them arcane attacks). As soon as you boost your arcane up you want to use all your arcane attacks before the opponent dispels your arcane and before he builds up elder sign too much. Finally, use your attacks that ignore the elder sign and invulnerability last. Try to remove the other monster before attacking so that you dont receive damage back, if you elder sign is equal or greater to the amount of attack that the other monster has then you dont need to worry as much about it.

dont worry too much about going insane if the other guy is on low health. when you go insane its useful to discard your extra creature cards, they're not as useful as you think they are since you can only have one out at a time

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Great game.

It takes a while to finish, but when you do, it's pretty cool. Though there could have been a 'congratulations, you're awesome!' at the end.:P
Health increase stopping at 100 was a good idea; games would've lasted too long otherwise. And the added Arcane for each level? Excellent.
All in all, as I said, great game.
5/5 and 10/10

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Sep 5, 2008
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