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The Necronomicon 2.0

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Author Comments

The sequel is now up on Newgrounds - you can check it out by selecting the 'also by this author' in the bottom left.

A brand new version of the card game The Necronomicon, with a new game mode, and full of new art drawn up by various contributors. There are now 30 ranks to beat, and the game ends when either you get to 30 before your opponent, or they beat you up to rank 30.

Bug fixes, game changes and tweaks, and a whole new game mode called Challenge Mode. Defeat the opponent in a series of scenarios where the odds are stacked against you.

Also includes some rule changes and creatures now have additional abilities.

** NEW - . - MASSIVE update to how the cards are dealt out. Basically what happens now in the fix is that you both have a deck of whatever amount of cards are unlocked, and each card will be seen once by each of you. There will be no duplicate cards appearing until your deck has been exhausted and shuffled, and so the only dups you will see are the cards you held from the previous shuffle. Makes everything much more balanced.


this is fun!

when i got bored a while ago, i decided to play this game. it's just a great way to kill some time, and to learn strategy.

5/5 10/10

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Cthulhu Fhtagn

Never played card game so cool before. There really should be free play mode where you can construct both decks and set staring values of all resources.

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ignore the bad review by mitthar

mitthar simply did not look at the main menu screen. if he had, he would have seen the "load game" button. what does it do? it loads the most recent "autosave" which is ANOTHER thing that mitthar failed to notice during every round apparently. what could he have thought autosave meant, except a way to continue at the same level? even the ORIGINAL game had that!! the reviewer patiger has an interesting point, but he misunderstands that the insanity effects are not necessarily meant as "punishments". if you're lucky, insanity can HELP you, or at least, not hinder, and it's interesting to plan strategies to work with the insanity, rather than be forced to get rid of it every time it happens.

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i love this game, could someone could make this a real card game and make one hell of a lot of money.

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The number of different cards is great. I suppose the library could be expanded a little bit, but it is better than having hundreds of cards to deal with. The game is much easier to pick up and enjoy this way.

What I'd like to see changed, however, are insanity penalties. I want to see punishments that reflect insanity; not being in full control of your moves. The penalty that only lets you choose from 2 cards is good, but I'd like to see others, such as not being able to read your cards every other turn or for X turns, skipping turns, or generating random values for cards you play.

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Credits & Info

4.42 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2008
10:54 AM EDT
Strategy - Other