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I'm sorry, but I had to re upload. There were some technical problems and I also wanted to make it a little easier....
Anyways, vote fair and enjoy the greatest thing you'll play.
This isn't racist
By TheWay.com, THE PASSWORD THaNG...
the password is:


exactly like that with the plus and everything.
.for the DUMB FUCKING IDIOTS who didn't pay attention...

=This is a little embarrassing to me9

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mrpibbs1 you are a genius.


i found this game while messing around on comments and profiles, and i have to say... WTF. that is all that can explain this. it desersves to be well known, i dont know why this hasnt hit front page.

mrpibbs1 responds:

Yeah, mon.
Thank you very much, I'm glad ya think this deserves front page

Spooky in a good way.

You thought I was going to ruin your score? Anyway, it's safe to say that I've never played a game quite like this before. It gave me an eerie feeling, but I couldn't turn away. I thought the part with the black guy was hilarious. The animatioun was satisfying, and the plot was hard to follow at times, but it was very interesting. Please inform when me when the next game of this series is released. Keep up the great work!

mrpibbs1 responds:

Ah, that was my goal, to make a game like no other! I will make sure to tell you when rEALMS3 is released. Also, you should look at my news posts for some info about rEALMS3 and other amazing news things. Thanks for the review!

Great Job Michael!

One of the best sequels I've played and one of the favorite games on Newgrounds. I'd like to see more music in rEALMS3 (Which I know you've working hard on. LOL Hard-On) & I hope to see more of you around the Portal.

mrpibbs1 responds:


Random, unusual, and a bit dark

I saw ur review of some elevator music or something....looked up the game, looks pretty good, hope to see the same type of game in rEALMS3. Good luck

mrpibbs1 responds:

Oh, Enjoyable Elevator Music I think was it.
Thanks for the review!

Credits & Info

3.12 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2008
3:01 AM EDT