Castle Crashers - RTP!

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Castle Crashers - Rescue The Princess!

Two heroes face off for the love of the princess! Who will she choose? What will come of their bitter rivalry? Tune in to find out! Or actually... just click "Play Movie."

Castle Crashers! It's available now!
Have you bought it? YOU SHOULD.

P.S. If you know or are the artist responsible for any of the music we used in this movie, let us know so you can be properly credited. <3

EDIT: Since I keep getting PMed about it. It's suppose to be "Castle Crashers: Rescue the Princess" But Newgrounds titles have a character limit sooo it had to be abbreviated.

P.P.S: We're NOT going to make a sequel. Deal with it. :P



I lol'd great work.

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That was funny. I'll give you a ten for that, lol. All hail Castle Crashers! The most AWESOME game since 1932

\m/ (>o<) \m/

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Hihihi :P

Hooray for Castle Crashers- ^_^

(O_o) . . .

wow...I guess that WOULD be a motive to fight for the princess.

MAN! She's getting poisoned and shocked at the same time! I can't imagine what would happen if Fire and Ice was involved.

Well...at least she "enjoyed" it.


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nalem responds:

Pretty sure THEY did too.


Suprised to see it come out of you of all people.
That aside, the animation was alright in parts, the joke itself, eh, i dunno, its been done, to death. Still, it contains everything the NG audience want in a flash so, enjoy the front page.

nalem responds:

Surprised to see it come out of me eh? But you don't know anything about me. You can't say that.

Also, it's been done to death? The princess getting fucked? You mean done to death by you? In two different flash movies where Peach gets fucked by Donkey Kong and Toad? Yeah I remember.

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4.22 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2008
1:43 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody