Super Luigi arena

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Now this was a long flash it took along time ta make. Im not alvin earthworm
screw it . my flashes will get better. I am a mario fan so I will not stop making mario flashes they will never be old to me. PS. bowser sprites are big thanks to JKA MOVIES. Srry for the no credit for the bowser fight song. whoever did it is sooo great. This was a while ago soo sorry for not giving credit.


the Movie...

MAD MOVIE MATE (even though it was short) it was a good movie and it reminds me of DBZ because of luigi teleporting and all that levitating,anyways keep up the good work my man.

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Nice work and sprites :D

Keep up the work mate. You will eventually get better and better and soon enough who knows maybe you can get as good as Alvin Earthworm. Just keep making movies and you'll get there :D

I'm giving ya a 7 for the work, Sprites and the good music.

JKAmovies ;D

Toad5355 responds:


That's good

about what you said that you weren't going to give up making flashes, now maybe you should improve on them. That was an ok flash. It was pretty long, and some of it seemed like a pause, and when Luigi said I have to do this for Mario, what happened to Mario? That's what I wanted to know during the last half of it. Also all Luigi did was jumping and kick the enemies, that's all. That wasn't any good. Yeah I can see you're not Alvin Earthworm, he's a pro, a very good flash sprite animator. You're like an ametur, needs alot of improvement. Oh and when you put no zeros, it's kinda of hard, since the review depends on the flash really so don't put that there. It also makes people want to put zeros just for no reason whats to whether. So try to improve on the flashes, espeically the sprite, since it's so hard to make a flash using sprites.

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not bad

you sure have idea in here
it was just too slow.. keep it up and surprise me the next time!

Yeah its lacking

Ok sounding was horrably played add some sounds if you want it marioed themed like when bowser talks have his classic roar thing. and luigi should have the jump sound and jump. just needs more character sounds, music was just pukish, and the delays on everything made me irraite I couldn't even finish this. I suggest you remake it then put it for judging. Anouther that bothered me is, you can't jump on bowser its impossible unless you play mario rpg or something of the sorts. Other then some major faults id say it was almost decient. I'm hoping to see a improved version of this sometime so yah. Has potential.

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Sep 4, 2008
10:03 PM EDT
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