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Re: Small Notes - At the shop you can buy "production upgrades" - this will increase the size of the notes a lot! There are 12 different levels of upgrade. If you can pass the first level, go to the shop, buy it, and the following levels will be much easier!

Re: Level time - Again, you can get more time at the shop! Any of the three coffees increases level time, as does the mask.

Re: Click twice - The notes will play if you just pick them up, you don't have to click twice.

The comments are helpful, keep them coming! :-)
Press the notes on the conveyor belt to hear them, and drag them to their respective bins. Earn cash and shop for upgrades. Survive to level 20 to earn a promotion and win!

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great game omg!! t awsome 10/10 but 4 1/2 / 5 cause the notes were too small

but awsome and creative

Very Very boring could fall asleep of it

Very Very booring game which gets way 2 repetative you may not take me seriously because I'm only 14 yrs old but im a very competative games and have a lot of internet and Xbox360 high scores and is well respected on all Xbox360 and halo3 sites
only 4 musicheads and no otha audiences unless your ready to waste 20 or so minutes on sitting on a toilet u may wanna play this game o wait id rather do nuthing while sitting on a toilet many of the guitar although hard to hear sound very very similar.
Definently shud be deleted and nvr seen on such a good site.
None of it made sense and had alot of glitches and is one of those games that should never been made.
Some of the glitches that i had to deal with is if you get far in the game if u had 2 press 2 different notes quickly computer would freeze up and i have a new computer with all new internet connection at a bigpond connetion with a 1 gig a sec speed so its not my computer it the game and dont even try me. My frends have played this game and have gaven it very similar reviews so its not just me and i have 30+ friends which are none from interweb friends although i spend about 3 hours a day writing reviews on 16 sites i have been very keenfily wotching Spore for its only coming it in 2 more days and over 3 670 000 people have been waiting for it so may i suggest u do the same and ask for the neerest gaming store to keep a copy. Sorry for keeping on about the best PC game of 2008 coming out in 2 more days but i need it 2 b very very popular all around the globe so its voted #1 game of the year and #1 game all PC games of 2000 sio plz rate it where ever you can find it.
the notes are to big and wastes so much screen space! some of the notes cant even b heard i.e the guitar or the drums. Some are loud some mite as well b muted maybe u shud get a beta microphone or computa.
i dont think much of this game deserves many stars but some of it woz good. This game wud b very interestin for musooz but not 4 otha audiences for my liking plz. I hope this helpz u if u do make anotha game but it will b against gods will and if it is good i do not hold grudges and will judge it fairly. Most games on this site i will rate if i find its worth the time so if ny1 wants my critisism on ny type of game also inform me of games of 8 or higher. 2 all newgrounds staff stop makin games they dont turn up well wif many glitches plz dont ban me from this site for my critsism i do it 4 alot of sites and will not mention ny names but if newgrouinds wants me 2 ther r only 2 otha sites worth lookin at.
If ny1 cs this plz but in more towa defence games not just defence games!!
P.S. Whoever made this game give up!!!
yours your faithful and the best reviewer in the world B O B B Y G

It would be a lot better if...

The notes were a lot bigger. There is so much screen space and so little time for the levels that having 30 tiny notes on the screen instead of 10 large notes makes the game really difficult.

Also, some of the sounds, i.e. the guitar, are a bit weak. I am not a programmer but there must be a better sample out there that can be used.

BorgesLab responds:

Hi, thanks for the review!

I suppose I should have made this more explicit, but note sizes can be increased throughout gameplay. After any level you have the option to go to the shop - there, you can purchase production equipment upgrades, and these will make the notes larger. If you buy enough of them, the notes can actually get rather large.

As for the sound quality, you're right. I was trying to keep file size small and compressed them a lot, so they do sound computerish.


this is a very useful game! :)

this really helps!

im taking music GSCE and im gna fav this so i can practise notes!

thank you!


hope this review made u smile??? lol

BorgesLab responds:

It did make me smile, thanks! :-)

in theory this game is very smart

the notes are every small which make them very hard to click on and pick up and place in the boxes

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Sep 4, 2008
4:19 PM EDT
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