Honeymoon Secrets

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Laadli has finally got married with much pomp and show! Now its time to make her marital abode spicier!! Take on Laali's marital life to help her achieve the 3-step marital bliss!

Watch out for Love meter!!

It goes on decreasing with time. Make pairs of 3 ans more to make level of love meter rise. More you score, tougher it goes.


No thanks

Not only is it unoriginal... there's simply nothing special about it, except when I clicked on a champaign glass to match it with others, in which case it move to the top left of the screen and got stuck there. And for whatever reason, it shrunk to a small size. It got stuck, and I couldn't do anything to continue playing. Yes, it cost me the game.
Also, at the beginning, I was matching things very easily, and when the new 'items' came to replace the ones I just matched... most of the time they matched themselves right away. And I'm not talking 3 or 4 of the kind, I'm talking massive combos. At least 2 of them had 10 or more match. After I read "100 seconds" that stopped.
However, I will say, that I like how the new items came to replace others... coming from top, left, right, bottom, and sometimes two ways at the same time.

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The graphics are clearly very good and you certainly could go a long way making games but originality lets you down. This game has been done so many times before and this doesn't bring anything new to the game. Just same old, same old.

I would like to see you make some more games but with an originally idea. I'm sure they would turn out very well if you put more thought into the idea.

Also just a minor bug, occasionally for some reason to symbols overlapped for a bit until one popped into its correct square.


Basic match-em-up game with no twist or perks whatsoever. Not even any bonuses or anything when you match 5 in a row. If this is your first flash, it's a good start. If not, then you need to do some reading.

It was OK

I'm giving it an average score because it's just another bejeweled clone. It's solid and it plays well though.

great game

nice game

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2.34 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2008
3:30 AM EDT
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