Crazy Nodes

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Do you think you have the super brain to untangle the nodes? Are you a self proclaimed at Einstein solving puzzles. Is that so? Then checkout this one.
There should be no intersecting lines so as to clear the level.
Move nodes by simply dragging them.


It's good

It's a good game and plays well. I wont say it's unique, cause there are hundreds of this type of games. However, this one is good, soothing music and good controls.

its a tough one.

i did a few levels and then gave up. but the music suits the game and its pretty fun.


But boring. The difficutly curve is makes going from the 1st level to the second level like climbing an oil smothered vertical wall. Still, I like the game and if I had a longer attention span i'm sure i'd stay on it for longer. So i'm going to give it a 3 because although its not a bad game, I dont like it.

Good puzzle game

All round good game. Pretty unique and definitely a challenge. One of the best puzzle games I've played in ages. Got me totally hooked even though I didn't get too far.

The first problem though is after a while it gets repetitive. Its all pretty much the same. Try and think of some new ideas and ways to make levels different. Will make it so that people can play for longer.

Secondly, sometimes its hard to see what you're moving when there are lots of nodes even though the ball things change to red. Prehaps make the lines themselves change colour if you're in control of them?

Overal, good game - 7/10

Good luck.


Great game! Very challenging, didn't complete it though, i gave up in the end!

I likey !!!


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3.17 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2008
3:21 AM EDT
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