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HTLJ - Hiragana

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HTLJ Hiragana is a program meant to help you learn one of the Japanese alphabets, and its romanization. In multiple instances, there are 2 symbols with the same romanization, so I marked one with an '*' to tell them apart. (the one marked is the one less commonly used in the language) This series of games is not meant to teach you Japanese on its own, it is meant to accompany a Japanese course, to help learn and eliminate the need for writing flash cards. This includes flashcards for hiragana to romanization and back. There is also a matching game with leaderboards, and a quiz.

When converting to hiragana you will be drawing, and to romanization, you will be typing it in (the * is unnecessary)

For the matching, click a card to flip it. if you match the symbol to its romanization, they are removed. Remove them all to win.

For the quiz, you will be shown a card, and you are to click the card that matches.

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So this was nice

It's stuff like this that really are nifty about newgrounds and I think the should be more but anyways you have a nice idea here with this one and the game flowed well with a good teacher meathod so nice job on this piece

Make more stuff like this


The quiz is a lie!

Seriously, the only feature I try (the quiz), and the good answer barely changes it's place... Almost all the time in the middle. For sure you don't learn with that.
But that's the only feature I tried, the others could be brilliant. You should check it out.

I appreciate it

I'm simply no good at learning foreign languages. I still can't understand a sentence of Spanish whenever it's used in a flash, so I have to give you credit for trying to help people. Japanese is probably even harder for me, because the symbols are different as well. There could have been some background, but it wasn't intended to be flashy. I just really think it's nice you could make something that could help a lot of people, even if it's something a lot of people may not need. It's always neat to have a variety of games.


Ive got my midterm on wed, this is helping a bunch!!


You have no idea how long I have been searching for something like this! There is nothing better when learning a language than learning it from a game. You are my savior for my class before the new DS game comes out!!!

Arigatou Gozaimasu!!!