How to get Deity

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I thought I'd try and see if I could help anybody with a tutorial for flagging and so I made this.
I hope this helps some people understand about whistle status and how to improve your skills on it.

Thanks for all the awesome reviews!


this is great

this is very helpful and those annoying people that keep saying this is lame or is so obvious well they just say that because they already have a high rank on the whistle thing, ppl this is good for NEW COMERS!!! its supposed to help ppl that started using newgrounds recently so quit complaining if you already know how to get to deity and all that well good for you there is no need for such negative comments

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Very informative

It doesn't knock my socks off, but I don't think that is the purpose. As far as fulfilling the purpose of explaining whistle status and how to improve, it does so very well and in an interesting way.
The text is clear and concise, which is probably most important in this type of submission. I did notice one or two typos, however (example: "ammount" on the gold whistle page).
Regardless of the quality of the flash, thanks for the advice.

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Why people are so mean?

I mean, this guide was good enough to get yourself a deity whistle.
And just because some users already know this information that doesn't mean they can be douches or presuming they know it all. That's unfair and immature...
As for the flash, as I said, it was good enough. The info may be simple to some users but it was detailed. I would have liked it more if you included more examples, and also, you forgot about the chain reviews :P
But I have to sorta agree with DaVeB0T, I could make this in 5 minutes too, but he didn't need to act like a douche. Try to spend more time when making a good tutorial, because the info is good but the graphics were cheap. That's why I'm rating it with 7 stars.
Conclusion: Nice guide but it could have been better :)

Voting details:
Voted 5: 3.73 / 5.00 (+ 0.0050)

Note: Just because this flash was made to help people you get my 5, but I gave a fair score in the review. I always vote 5 in helpful flashes :)

Note 2: Look at your score, if you would have spent more time making it then this could have gotten a better score :(


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Phil responds:

Thanks for the awesome review!
Your right tho... I didn't spend too long on this.

Already Knew most of the stuff but it was good.

I sort've already knew most of the stuff you said but the guidlines for abusive post reporting helped me differ. It should help people who are confused on the matter. Good job.

Phil responds:

Yeah, this was meant for new people.

Come on

I agree with Heil.

How could you be dumb enough to need a tutorial like this. Instead of searching for someone to wipe your ass, do it yourself. Look at the FAQ, read the review guidelines, ask a review mod, go to the abusive review thread.

This is just ridiculous. What kind of idiot would need such a tutorial.

Wait a second, I'm over-estimating the average Newgrounder again. Silly me.

As for the animation itself, I could make this in five minutes. A few imported images, some text, and common sense.

Phil responds:

Maybe new people dont want to just stare at a block of un-updated text.

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4.04 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2008
3:23 PM EDT