How to get Deity

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I thought I'd try and see if I could help anybody with a tutorial for flagging and so I made this.
I hope this helps some people understand about whistle status and how to improve your skills on it.

Thanks for all the awesome reviews!


-this line for rent-

For a tutorial, it was simple enough to just understand about the whistle status. Decent music to go along with it. This kind of things are for people that just skip ahead from the rules and regulations. Unfortunately, I'm one of these victims.

No wonder my whistle status is Garbage :D

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Phil responds:

Lol, yeah I'd better add the rules on there just incase.


Thanks for the help man!

Phil responds:



Perhaps you could have gone a little more in depth. Suppose you provide examples depicting differences between a good vs a bad flash or review.

Besides that, I'd say this is a great thing for newcomers and those struggling to earn a decent whistle status. Spectacular work.

Phil responds:

Okay, thatnks for the idea. =]

You are not first and not original.

There are about 3-5 other flagging tutorials, which are much better than this.

This was just a part of the FAQ but in a flash.

You were like "this one is hard" "this one is extremeley hard"
Yes, i know only the moderators know the whistle system.
The "how to get deity" title is EXTREMLEY misleading.
You just said like "Thats one abusive comment"
This is bad.
Real bad.

Phil responds:

Your turn to make one... o wait you don't have flash.

Good, but been done before better.

Nice tutorial, but there otherones that have been done before that are slightly more in detail then this.

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Phil responds:

O Rly?

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4.04 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2008
3:23 PM EDT