How to get Deity

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I thought I'd try and see if I could help anybody with a tutorial for flagging and so I made this.
I hope this helps some people understand about whistle status and how to improve your skills on it.

Thanks for all the awesome reviews!



Not bad. Overdone though. Hell I've helped make two of them myself as you know and I've seen about 5 or so of these done on newgrounds.

Animation/Graphics - The text was easy to read and the colors were user friendly. I think that you hit everything here pretty well. The only thing that I can think about is a couple of times I saw typos or places where the words and text didn't line up the best.

Story - The information itself was pretty good, but you really didn't cover everything. You want to try and cover everything when making a flash about abusive reviews because leaving just one thing out could make people lose their whistle status or miss out on some things.

Audio - The audio was a nice selection. I was hoping for maybe a menu with a couple of selections to choose from though. And maybe a mute button. If there was one sorry, but I didn't notice it.

Overall, the more of these out there the better in my opinion because the more people will learn.

* Side note - Do people find this review as helpful, useless, or abusive?


Lots of people find this review helpful!
Phil responds:

Helpful +500000

Didn't contain a huge amount of info

Given the title "How to get Deity", I'd expect a lot more info on the more tricky aspects of improving your whistle rank. Many people have trouble distinguishing abusive from non-abusive reviews which creates a lot of garbage whistles. Specifically examples of reviews and flashes that are not abusive that are often wrongly flagged. This would be far more useul than, for instance, info on the buttons under reviews (the tool tips tell you what they do for goodness sake!)
Perhaps a listing and thourough explanation of reviewing guidelines would help as well. I assume that your understanding must be excelent since you have a deity whistle :p

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Phil responds:

Still I found your ideas better than what I could have come up with. ;)

Very Helpful

Thanks alot for this little tutorial. It really helped me understand how flagging works and what the whistle ranking meant!

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Phil responds:

Your welcome.


So yeah, that was actually pretty useful.
ps I already used my newfound knowledge on one of these reviews :P

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Phil responds:

Error's one?

Thanks for the info

I thought the only way to get whistle points was by blowing them on submissions, now that I know I will be sure to go up. However this flash could have been better, try to spruce it up a bit, make it a bit more exciting, but overall a good flash!

Phil responds:

Glad to help.

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Sep 3, 2008
3:23 PM EDT