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never thought id get this done but i have.
As usual im improving with every one i make.

ive manged to make a hp maximum so u cant go past it:)
also the enemy has a overdrive attack of his own so stay on guard.

now go play it.

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same as before, story, options, and all that usefull shit!
PS: love this game!

I think this is kind of underated, the small game, it has a cool battle

You should make all of this into a full game.

Not just a bunch of silly stringed episodes, if you don't mind me saying so. If you worked out a whole rpg, this would be pretty cool, with multiple characters, and so on and so forth. Also, I would recommend trying to make better backgrounds for your menus, the blue to black is rather boring, and you should make your own custom boarder, it would look cool.


Very nice audio. The graphics and overall layout are also very reminiscent of the old RPGs. And damn man, if there was a full-length RPG like this starring Bass, I'd so be there.
On the other hand, it was fairly easy and predictable. Some more variety could be added and maybe more limit breaks. Perhaps waiting for your LB to be 200% could give you a more powerful LB?
Anyways good job. Keep it up!