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Lock and Load (Beta)

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Always bet on Duke

It has potential. GREAT potential. However i don't recommend remixes, as from experiences I've known people to remember games for an extraordinaire song it had, but not a remix.

Let's keep it up.


It has great potential! :-) add a background image to it, and add some enemies to it and you got yourself a good game!

ok so I shot both targets.

then I sat there listening to the awesome DooM music remix until I got bored. Great Job!

Sunraw responds:


Good beta

Ok so your engine seems to be working well i tried for awhile to break out of the box but some things i would improve on. I would make gun upgrades. More music More levels. An interesting idea would be to add grenades and other arcing weapons. Good beta now lets just improve. If you have any other questions or want more input pm me and i will be sure to get back to you.

Sunraw responds:

Hmm.. grenades... That's an intreseting and good idea. I will certainly look into that. Thx


have more then one level
have music in the background (check the audio portal)
have enemies that stop you from hitting the targets
have upgrades on your gun like a shotgun that shoot 5 bullets at once for later levels

right now its mehable

Sunraw responds: