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This is the first game I have ever made. It was originally made for a college project and making it was a total blast (I got an A too :D). It's not perfect and it's perhaps a little short but I'm very happy with it none the less considering it's my first completed flash project of any kind. Enjoy and please tell me if you encounter any bugs, and please leave me some feedback too. I look forward to making more stuff. Thanks for playing!

Check out my website at www.cainmedia.com

Arrow keys to move, you shoot automatically, use mouse to shoot your cannon when you have it.
Try to shoot things without getting shot. lol
The dark orbs are the best.

*Game has now been updated to give the ship a smaller bounding box :)


This game rocks

I enjoy to play things like this, and I must agree with McCoskrie, well I don't have so much to add since he told almost everything xD, oh perhaps if at the beginning we could choose between 2 or 3 spaceships, I don't know, I'm random, I think that will be great but hard to author to developed that. Keep on rockin'

Ok well

Just to add to what some other people have said it's quite hard manoeuvring such a massive ship throughout the battlefield like that. On my first attempt I got through to the second level but was ambushed from behind by the last two bosses. WHY? Well there wasn't any boss music to tell me that those two giant white flies were bosses. Either I've been subject to too many shoot em up scrolling games that always play boss music so you know that the enemy wont disappear off the screen or my "boss sense" was a bit off today.

*Some original concepts (Secondary weapons that you can fire with your mouse button)
*A LIFE BAR!!! How many SS games have I played where my ship dies in just one hit from having a fly hit it?!?!? Too many!! Thank you for the life bar!!
*Powerup deployment - GOOD! You knew when the player might need to grab some life or pack some more firepower

*Ship size/speed. If the ship is gonna be HUGE AND SLOW then please let it at least DO SOME DAMAGE. I found myself pwning on the first level and then taking a lot of sweet time to pwn someone on the second level. I don't wanna tell you to make everything small and super fast because then you're just making many of those TAITO rips that people try to make here.
*Music/Boss detection - The music was alright, kinda funky n all that BUT when the boss came along in the first level I didn't even know it was a boss until I was halfway through it. Maybe slap in a soundclip or some animation that makes the player thing "HOLY SHIT THE BOSS IS HERE!!". This is a common thing on SS games BUT I think it's a necessity as well.
*More boss rant - I'd also say giving the bosses a life bar just so the player knows how much more ass he has to kick would be great. For two boss enemies maybe have two bars? Or have the bars float below the bosses? Not sure. Your call.

Anyway man this is a SOLID effort for a first submission on NG. The whole Mattcain presentation thing looked professional, blah blah blah keep up the good work ;D!!

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couldn't play it

after the load screen it would go back and forth from the cain media screen to the earth defender title screen so i was unable to play it

MattCain responds:

I had that a couple times while i was testing but I couldn't figure out what the problem was. Sorry :(


It's a hell of a lot better than most turds that make it onto Newgrounds. It is a great game with great animation, but it needs something else that will make it your unique to other side-scrolling shooters.

this is ur first 1? 0.o

this is a game id expect from an experienced user. very nice.

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3.28 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2008
3:55 PM EDT
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