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Escape from Crystal Lake

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Please note, this is not an "escape" game. It's a straightforward point and click with an entire camp to explore.

Started in 2004, this was intended to be the sequel to 2003's Escape from Elm Street. My friend Joe (SleazeRocker) and I paired up to create it, but got in a little over our heads and let the project drop. We worked on and off but eventually progress came to a halt. In 2005 I remade the original Elm Street game, while this one was still on the backburner. Finally at the beginning of 2008 we decided we couldn't let our old work go to waste- so we picked it back up, revamped everything, and finished it out. It worked out pretty well, because we had plenty of time to fix up problems in the game and polish it. Not to mention that music man Josh Kemp expressed interest in creating a custom soundtrack for it, which was an awesome addition to the atmosphere. Enjoy!


im a big fan of u

like the guy before me said its a great inprovement in ur klick 2 escape games

ps are u and sleze rocker friends or some thing

Freaking Phenomenal!

Definitely one of the best Point & Click games I've played!

The overall look of everything was really great. You guys seriously put a lot of effort into the environments and Jason looked pretty awesome.

That soundtrack was cool, it really set the overall tone of the game.

The two secret items, loved those! First one was wonderful, although I wish it would have been the entire game lol That'd be insane. Second secret item really sped things up with the final showdown against Jason.

The gallery was great as well, it was cool seeing what you guys had to go through, what you changed since Escape From Elm Street, and checking out the different environment concepts, good stuff.

Great job on creating this extremely awesome game!

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Congratulations on finishing the game. I must say the files and NES, etc. just added a whole lot of more fun and thinking to the game, unless you used the walkthrough like I did. Anyway, the improvements were really nice, but I did think adding the texturing was something completely new to look at. At a few scenes, I would've preferred without the texturing you guys made, but at the same time I'm at a disagreement with myself. I guess I'm just to used to anime and the like. As a whole, the game was a great puzzle and very enjoyable to play with. I especially liked the title screen, and if I'm not mistaken, there's no commentary about it in the Gallery. I can't wait for your next flash. Keep it up.

well done

i've always enjoyed a good point-n-clicker
i also liked the part where if you unlock cabin 3 you can play the original friday the 13th game
best part is if you die in the game you get the game over screen from the AVGN review awesome job

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Damn Fun Game!

Okay, so it took me a bit to figure out to do, and only had to use the walkthrough 2 times.
Letter Drop
Electrical Wires before lake
good game, keep improving your style!

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4.19 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2008
3:05 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click