Escape from Crystal Lake

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Please note, this is not an "escape" game. It's a straightforward point and click with an entire camp to explore.

Started in 2004, this was intended to be the sequel to 2003's Escape from Elm Street. My friend Joe (SleazeRocker) and I paired up to create it, but got in a little over our heads and let the project drop. We worked on and off but eventually progress came to a halt. In 2005 I remade the original Elm Street game, while this one was still on the backburner. Finally at the beginning of 2008 we decided we couldn't let our old work go to waste- so we picked it back up, revamped everything, and finished it out. It worked out pretty well, because we had plenty of time to fix up problems in the game and polish it. Not to mention that music man Josh Kemp expressed interest in creating a custom soundtrack for it, which was an awesome addition to the atmosphere. Enjoy!

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I remember playing this in my computer class in high school ten years ago because Afroninja.com was one of the websites the school didn't know to block. Brings back memories. Great game

good game if not for that anoying defeat jason minigame , i have a knife i can stab him , i can even run away so why!!!!

I remember being absolutely terrified by this game when I was younger! I had a nightmare about it, I believe. Came back to play it, for the sake of nostalgia, and the fact that I watched Friday the 13th for the first time last Friday... which was Friday, July 13, 2018. Anyway, this game has a special place in my childhood because it was the first "horror game" I ever played.

If you're familiar with the NES Friday the 13th game, or have watched the AVGN review, you can recognize how stupid Jason is in that purple jump suit. But nice game. One of the best programmer of NG

what the name of this music at the title screen?

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4.41 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2008
3:05 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click