ActionScript Smoke Tute

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This was put together in an evening and there are no fancy graphics or music. Instead, it's just a no-frills tutorial for people starting to explore some ActionScript that's slightly more advanced than gotoAndPlay().

I'm still learning myself, which is why I wanted to put this together - helped me to get some of this straight in my head. If you know what you're doing better than me and spot some mistakes, please PM me to let me know.

There are some gaps - like it doesn't explain removeMoveClip or clearInterval properly. Hopefully this tutorial will provide people with a starting point so that they can learn the rest themselves.

EDIT 2.9.08 (am) - spotted a mistake in the final code for drawSmoke(). I copied and pasted from my final version and forgot to replace the undeclared variable maxNum with the number 50. Or you can just declare maxNum=50;. Also, don't forget to declare ballNumber=1; before the intervalID command. Will fix these problems when I have a chance.

EDIT 2.9.08 (pm) - new version uploaded which explains maxNum and includes code for removing the movie clips and resetting the intervals. Hooray!

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Good, but needs more eye candy.

I like your tutorial. Very informative. However, eye candy is kind of a must in a Flash tutorial. If I were reading a forum post or a Wikibooks article this would be acceptable. But seeing this is a Flash movie, I'm gonna have to give it a 2/5. Sorry, man. But hey, you can always re-make it and upload again! :)


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Sep 1, 2008
10:30 PM EDT