allien invasion v1

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build/move units using the mouse. the control panel at the top of the screen has all the build orders, which you can now lock in place.

i forgot to tell you guys the enemies dont stop coming. you will get overrun eventually, its just a game of how long before you get killed. there's now a difficulty select option wherein lower difficulty setting boosts your units' life. added alien kill cash bonus. the units are now cheaper and stun times are reduced.

TIPS, you can actually telefrag units you dont like (yours or the enemy's). use the passive behavior if you want to save a unit for killing a specific target like mortars. use the support panel a lot. mine at the center of the map first, retreating as the game progresses so that you dont run out of mine sites very soon.

thanks for the comments. will work on it

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seems like a tough but cool game

i like where this game seems to be going but i can't work out what everything does. the instructions sent me to some other site that was supposed to have additional info but i can't find any. all the game needs is a quick basic tutorial.
also it seems like it takes forever to earn any money. the starting marines are over run before i can build up my side.
like i said, i like the game but a quick tutorial would be a huge help


yay this is great really fun.

pretty good

needs more of a storyline, more action, more monsters but is kind of boring after a while. i used all mortars excetpt one

a very good idea

i would like to see:
1 a medic and/or building repair unit.
2 the ability to demolish buildings(if there ie on i can find it)
3 and finaly the ability to play as aleins with different buildings and units
other tahn those things i love this game and i dont see much room for improvement except maybe more building slots or a unit that can add them


this game is so hard to beat how u do it

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4.51 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2008
9:12 PM EDT
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