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A day in the Park with me

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Wow just wow it got through! I love Newgrounds.

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this is life changing

you are my new god

this flash...

this flash was a work of sheer brilliance obviously made by someone who has a legendary grasp of both the technical and artistic aspects of making a flash movie all other NG flash movies are put to shame by this epic masterpeice

i like it...

have to agree. blinky eyes, birds, action guy doing more complete actions... all would help.

I luv u Kes...

And the flash was good too.....

5Dollar responds:

Thanks for the 10 I love you :D

This is bad...

Even for spam, it's bad.....
hmm....improvement, improvement.....
Ah, yes, The little stick figure guy. He just runs in one direction and then repeats. You should have him run back and forth, not just repeating to do the same thing.
And the guy who's just standing there smiling, He should blink once in a while.
I'm sure his eyes must get tired. And maybe a few birds flying around, after all, they are in a park.

5Dollar responds:

Thanks i'll try to do better on my spam.