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Morsel Mania!

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Use your mouse or keyboard (mouse recommended) to catch the foods falling from the top of the screen. To do this, you will need to match the color of the food to the color of the mouth. You will start with only two colors, and will work your way to six. CLICK OR PRESS SPACEBAR TO ACTIVATE A MEGA-MOUTH

Bonus points will be dolled out for multiple foods caught in a row (5, 10, 15, 20...) If you catch 20 in a row you will receive a FEEDING FRENZY! You'll just have to play to see what that's all about.


Soulja Boi I Tolja Boi

Hmmm..... havent ya heard of Morselamore (aka: V Jinaz)

inversecoma responds:

How clever.


well its kind of tough when you get to the fish part but it was alright.

inversecoma responds:

Short, and right to the point. Alright is good enough in my book.

Not too good.

Catching Fruit in Mouths is not that great of an idea to begin with. It's basically a very simplistic game with no real interest.

You could have spent time animating the mouths, but instead you just simply free transformed them. There are many boring things that could have been made better by spending a few more days working and less time thinking of ways to make your job easier.

inversecoma responds:

Yeah, you're right. I was really lazy for the mouths animation.

Was this neccessary?

Was it Necessary to resubmit after fixing 1 small bug, so you could score higher in the contest? Game was alright, but resubmitting was a stupid decision.

inversecoma responds:

I wanted to delete the original morsel mania THE DAY i submitted it. Don't get all high and mighty. I am not able to delete the older version due to it winning an award. And it wasn't one small bug, there are an absolute boatload that i fixed. People would never see the fixes if i just edited the older version. Don't get so angry.

OH, and if you think resubmitting is such a crime, why dont you check out another submission to the contest. It's called Descent 2. I really see no problem with resubmitting if the game has major changes in it, which mine do and his both do.

i liked it to my better judgement

im going to congratulate you but first re-enforcing the fact of the games speed it got too hard for a beginner who just starts this type of inverse axis game type

inversecoma responds:

lol huh? You're right when saying that it gets hard too fast for some people, but other people prefer the challenge.

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3.95 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2008
8:56 PM EDT
Skill - Collect