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Diver of Skies

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WAIT FOR IT TO LOAD. It's a big-ass file that we probably should have compressed the music on, or turned the quality down. There is a preloader, but there is initial loading before it, so let it go. >:(

A Quick Game from Salted-tator-tot and Qstorm.
Use the left and right arrow keys to fly through the coronas (hoops).
You can Pause the game by pressing P.
In the options, you can change the quality and enable precision mode, which adds a little challenge.
Submit your score at the end, and view them at http://rankz.armorbot.com /diverofskies/
(Note: Wait a few seconds after submitting, just to make sure the data has been fully sent)

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Not bad m8, a remade sequel would be nice though. It's a bit easy ^_^;

Thx for using my songs btw

Make it smaller

I like it, and I'm a FlashBase fan, but if u stay in the middle, U just keep winning. Make u and rings smaller, and u'll get second place probably. Make a sequal; I love the simple, yet addicting nature of it!

its okay

the music rocked but the usal thing needs to be done (smaller rings,obstacles, and mayby a wider screen with a suprise ending huh)

Good idea

First off, the graphics are good, I'll give you that ^^

Unfortunately, everyone's right when they say you can just stay in the middle. I suggest making everything smaller, both the guy and the rings. Stay with this game, and it'll be pretty good.

to easy

the concept is good and its well designed but its to easy, you just hang around near the middle and you pretty much cant miss, maybe make the targets smaller and add enemies, its nicely drawn but i think even if you improved this it would still be unoriginal, a great version of this style game but still nothing ground breaking or special

AIDSMcGuff responds:

That's what everyone has been saying, I may go and make precision mode even more "precision-y" and make an option for small rings and have obstacles.