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Poker Escape

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Author Comments

You played poker and took a loan from a maffia guy. He buried you alive. You must escape the coffin before it runs out of oxygen

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a challenging game

I LOVE: the graphics
I LIKE: that music
I HATE: n/a
IT's FUNNY: what the guy looks like
I WISH: that the cellphone was easier to put together

CUTE: n/a
WEIRD: looking man
COOL: idea (coffin)
CLEVER: time limit
CONFUSING: how to put the cell phone together

WHO: n/a
WHAT: n/a
WHEN: n/a
WHERE: n/a
WHY: he was buried with a cell phone
A. he didn't run out of oxygen waiting to be unburied
B. to put the phone together

AWESOME: idea (coffin)
GREAT: intro/background explanation
GOOD: n/a
OKAY: n/a
SUB-PAR: n/a
BAD: n/a
TERRIBLE: idea (coffin) being stuck in such a small place is not too challenging

make a little less difficult (perhaps by increasing the time limit)

+ :
intro/background explanation
original idea (coffin)

- :
idea (coffin) being stuck in such a small place is not too challenging

I would recommend this game to a friend

Hard but I made it!

It's cool, but...even if he made the call...he would of died no?...digging someone up is hard and long

What do you do with the super glue?

fun game took me a few tries to beat it but finally did it though

i did it!

good game,also to get the good ending call some1 from the names in the phone box.


i found all the peices combined it made the phone work dialed 911 and the fuckin mafia guy opens the casket and kills me wttfff!!! .... now THATS frustrating