Knight of the Dead

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Knight of the Dead is a side-scrolling hack and slash fest where the player takes the role of of a Knight who must defend himself against a horde of attacking zombies.

Enemies drop money which can be used between levels to purchase weapon upgrades, health or to repair their shield.


this game rocks

i like this game its is very fun

Quite Repetitve, Good Graphics

This game is can be enhanced to be a better game. However, the graphics already look very good (kudos on that). To me, it feels like a very bland hack and slash. Diversify!

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I've seen it before. Besides that, the character was way too slow, there was no point in jumping, and pretty much no point in the shield (except prolonging the inevitable hit you're going to take). The amulets were interesting concepts, but the gameplay itself got extremely repetitive, and if you were caught in the middle of two hordes of zombies, you were fucked. And then, after level 10, you just get a black screen that says "Game over. Retry?" Whatever.


No appeal

Comon everyones made these types of games.
#1 What is the characters name?
#2 Why is he fighting random hordes of zombies
#3 why does almost every level look the same except the backround
#4 Why do all the zombies look the same
#5 The money bags drop so rarely because its random that you cant buy anything good
#6 There is no story, and by the time you got the last weapon you would be bored out of your mind from killing the same zombies

I liked it.

It was fun and aesthetically pleasing. The only problem was the difficulty was too easy and there was basically no strategy involved. All you have to do it slaughter one side before the other gets to you, and there's really no reason to do anything but mash the attack button the whole time. I also have a problem with the best weapon not looking nearly as cool as the second and third best weapons, but that's just my beef, I guess.

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3.27 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2008
3:24 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler