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Alien Invasion (beta)

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basically you have to strike the aliens with the thunder (numpad keys) and collect coins to buy things with in the store which will be added later, each level a new alien/trap appears to make your life even harded :)
This is my first game but it's not yet finished, i was hoping you could play it and give me some comments on how to improve it.
Edit: press 0 to start the game, oh and sry for the hebrew letters, it's designed for kids from my country

* Sound and Description about the game will be added later
PS. the idea for the game is inspired from the game "Tontie" from http://www.eyezmaze.com
Hoping to get some comments :)


Needs some info...

in English and it needs some audio. Graphics were cool. Controls were different but they were smooth. Good job......vp


can u imagine me playing that game on a laptop?

i think the idea is really nice. but perhaps a different set of button configurations for us laptop users.

and dude. hebrew? i dont mind games in other languages. but at least make it easy for me to start the game!!!
i couldnt start the game until i quit, voted zero, and noticed that your description said 0 to start the game.

i mean who would have guessed zero!? well i guess now it make sense because u have that numpad ... LOl

but i revote now and give it ... (above)

oh yeah. make it bilingual plz. =)
sounds. maybe? better sounds?

yeah.. and the num pad. thing... definitely


those controls are HARD!!!! *waaaaaaaaaaa*

It's alright

It does need a lot of work, music would be nice obviously. But I'm sure if you keep at it you'll make a good game like Tontie.


I can't give a good score on a game that doesn't work. I tried to right click and Play but it did nothing. Pretty sure it was fully loaded too, considering its only 68KB. Also, being in Hebrew would've lowered the score if it could go below 0, because Newgrounds is an English site. Maybe you could at least translate the text on the buttons?

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2.39 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2008
11:37 AM EDT
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