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My 1st game in Flash where I tried to maintain the law of Physics as much as possible and am sure still there are lots of work to do! Still I am happy to make the game as it is. I hope you enjoy at least as much I enjoyed developing the game.

I am currently working on a multiplayer version. Your feedback for the betterment of the game are warmly welcomed.

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It was alright.

It took me only two minutes to get one pool ball into the pocket! The physics seemed slightly off, but it was still good for your first game. I was also cool that you got add a nickname, kinda made me feel like a proffesion pool player. The graphics ans sounds suited the game well. This game is a very good start for you. Anyway, keep up the great work!

2 problems

the balls (possibly the pockets as well) in comparison to the table seemed disproportionately small
and the friction seemed really low compared to a real pool table
other than that, solid game...
add background music and make the balls actually look like pool balls

Good game.

This is your first? i'm impressed!
Maybe in the future you should add more game modes because it kinda gets boring quick.

Keep this up!

saikat344 responds:

Thanks. :)

that was pretty good for a pool game

The physics work very well, the only physics related problem i had was that the power of your shot was determined both by how far away the stick was from the cue AND how far away the red line was from your intended target, this makes it harder to measure the power of your shot if you wanted to recreate the same power for example.

Other than that the sound needs some work, the sound effects for the balls clacking sounded more like static and the game also needs some music.

But other than that a good game :) and multiplayer would be cool

saikat344 responds:

Yes, Jinkinko. The sounds aren't standard. Thanks for pointing that. I hope to make improvement soon including the problem with Power for the shots you mentioned.
Best Regards.


One of the best games ive come across on ng so far. It a fav now. Well done, that must have been hard to make.

saikat344 responds:

Thanks a lot man. That is inspiring!

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3.78 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2008
5:19 AM EDT
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