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One-Yang Finger

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Author Comments

~Daily 2nd....I really need to stop being biased towards videos I don't like as much as others. They always beat what i expect and then some.
Ok Ok...
This is going to need some explaining.
This video (Fifth video) as well as the next (Sixth) are fairly short and personally I'm not sure how they will do.
So because of this I'm going to release the fifth one now (Not very long after releasing the fourth) as another 'gift'. Since I noticed all of them have done fairly well. Now I haven't decided on the sixth video release (I'm usually told when..but i rarely listen to that anyway)

So enough of that..

This video we are back with the Human...he gets an injury which leads to some things happening. This video is short, so don't expect too much.

The name may need some explaining. The name is kind of a joke but you may need to do some research on it. I know there are videos on youtube demonstrating it. (Using one finger to bust into a coconut etc). I'm trying to cut back on my typing in these boxes...so i'm not going to explain it here.

Keep in mind the videos will not be released this often (the sixth video is going to be held off..i'm putting this one up without even being told a date yet).
So...I hope you enjoy it, it's not the best but hey, that's why it's the 'gift'.

As for the moral of this story? You can decide your own.


pretty funny

it was a great video


Lmao! Love the Initial D parody! Great work!

Quite funny I must say... And to wise1234...

Don't post stupid shit like you have... All you've said is, "too short, make it longer, and on of em you said and I'll quote it... "I dislike the chibi anime stuff, maybe try something else?" Then why post a review on all of his other work if you dislike the Chibi style, each flash artist has their style and rendition of things and there are fans who like that style and rendition, you yourself will not change his opinion and make him change the way he's done things since he's contributed whilst you haven't... So how about instead of bitching about the way his style in flash making is, how about you just go and find something else on here... I mean there is a lot more, all you have to do is search for it... Not hang out finding things to do on the front page... God damn I hate people like you...

And to DomoFlashVideos, well done, I like the chibi style and the humor that you have, whislt some will complain, but isn't that the way of a contributor on here? Some like it, some don't, and some take it to an annoying measure and downvote on everything you post just because of your style and how they hate that style? I hate it when people don't listen to my songs fully and downvote, but hey, that's just me. Keep creating on how you like, not what they complain about it, it's your style, just stick with it... Anyways... Great flash, loved the humor and I keep coming back to watch it. xD Hope to see more like this!


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Far to short plz lengthen it next time


Well I don't thing the fnger is going to be the most of his problems after the bird's father gets done with him! lol

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Credits & Info

4.32 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2008
12:50 AM EDT
Comedy - Original