Ultimate Defense 2

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After receiving a ton of feedback for the first Ultimate Defense, I have decided to create a sequel. I have listened to all of the comments, and have created a game that has twice the levels, 2 great new characters, twice the enemies, 4x the spells, and mini-games to help you earn more money.

I have increased the difficulty as well, after getting numerous reports that the first one was too easy. I hope this is challenging enough now.



Whoo beat it ^^

Awesome game a lot better then the original once you get the hang of it, at first thought it was to hard... but keep at it and it gets easier, and eventually so easy you can afk (dragons lol)
Here's an obvious tip that helped me, use the spells! extremely obvious, but I didn't use at first since in the first one you hardly use them except for bosses, but on this one there necessary for normal creatures as well.


From Start To The Last Level I Was Entertained The Whole Way =D

good game!

y liked too much that game 10/10


One of the best defense games i have played in long time.

True and Not True...

btw, loved this game...ALOT.

guy at the bottem, you make a very good point about complaints, but its also a good way to sharpen a creators skills, to listen to the comments and realize they're flaws (however minor they can be). the important thing is that you release games that are nicely made, just like this one, and if you have a problem with it, than you should speaka the truth. dont hold back, and if the review doesn't say useless, it is likely to be agreed apon by many .swf players.

also, keep up the good work. lookin to play Ultimate Tactics as well ^^

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3.80 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2008
12:07 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense