Ultimate Defense 2

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After receiving a ton of feedback for the first Ultimate Defense, I have decided to create a sequel. I have listened to all of the comments, and have created a game that has twice the levels, 2 great new characters, twice the enemies, 4x the spells, and mini-games to help you earn more money.

I have increased the difficulty as well, after getting numerous reports that the first one was too easy. I hope this is challenging enough now.



good overall

Was fun till the 3rd level, seemed rather impossible to beat. might be because I don't normally play games like this so I don't know the strategy of it very well. Overall was fairly good, the slot game never seemed to do anything even with around 20 spins never won anything. good job overall on the flash though, all these just minor gripes.


Only problem was units only attacking directly infront of them

Good, but...

Great game! Design, art, play all get +++'s, almost too difficult on some levels, goal is to make it challenging, not frustrating!!

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FFT anyone?

Great game. I noticed some bugs where character sprites were moving behind the land they were standing on. obscuring them from view.

Also, perhaps you should consider making the level up game mechanic more influential, by prolonging each stage (letting player keep high level characters longer) of the ability to purchase higher level character once they're unlocked.


Its needs work, i mean yeah its better then part 1 cuz of little things here and there. But enemy glicthes on certain lvls, you should be able to move the map more so you can see the empty squares, the slots game should have a better wining chance, instead of a 1 in 50 chance. the mana cost and regen should be fixed just a bit. sometimes i was even able to attack with mana and went into the negative, is that possible? some defenders got glicthed as well. I mean kudos to you for making this, by all means more then anything i could ever do, jsut letting you know what needs fixing. Do that and it would probably be 1 of the top defence games.

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3.80 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2008
12:07 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense