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Ultimate Defense 2

rated 3.80 / 5 stars
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Strategy - Tower Defense

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Aug 30, 2008 | 12:07 PM EDT

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Author Comments

After receiving a ton of feedback for the first Ultimate Defense, I have decided to create a sequel. I have listened to all of the comments, and have created a game that has twice the levels, 2 great new characters, twice the enemies, 4x the spells, and mini-games to help you earn more money.

I have increased the difficulty as well, after getting numerous reports that the first one was too easy. I hope this is challenging enough now.




Rated 5 / 5 stars


Ok, this game was awesome. That being said it does have some issues.

1. the money system and the cost of units needs to be worked out a bit in my opinion. Like people have said the Archers are enough to get you through most of the levels. Save up for a couple ninjas and your golden for a few more levels.

2. Health. Maybe I'm just unlucky but I never got any sort of Health Potion, I'd consider working in a "shop" of sorts after each level giving the option to heal yourself (make it expensive).

3. maybe get rid of some of the useless classes? I'm sure they all have their own strengths but Archers and Ninjas (like previously stated) are pretty much all that you need. I'd make it simple and put Archers 100, ninjas 400, Dragons 1000.

Now that that's said I have to go back and try and beat level 6.. again :)


Rated 3 / 5 stars


It seems like a very well put together game, but I died on the third level three times in a row. It seems like regardless of what strategy you take, if you only have $1000 or so on that level, you die in the first wave. Sorry I have to disagree with the others, but this game seems really hard!

Especially when you consider that the amount of funds you have available is determined by how frugal you were in the last level. If you were like me and spent most or all of your money on defenders (because that's how you play ANY OTHER defense game), then you'll have nothing later on. You should really have a short blurb on general strategy in the instructions that points out this crucial difference. Defenders that you buy may level up during that stage, but they *don't* come with you.

And I have to say that they Ultimate Slots introduces a HUGE luck factor, which doesn't fit the strategic nature of the game. Also: the health/mana bars seem kind of glitchy.

6/10. Great concept, not-so-great execution.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

READ this review.

I don't care if you answer this or not, since I'm not a huge NG regular - but I will sacrifice some thought to this review so please read it properly.

First of all, thanks for the awesome and very addicting game. You have a great ground to build on, with just minor improvements I think the third one will take the defense - scene by storm. The graphics were second to none, I loved your style and the sound enviroment added a lot to the atmosphere. There was a sense of adventure due to the "world map" you travel and the ever-darkening levels. I liked the themes of the levels and the characters too. In short, visually this game was near perfect.

So, on to the list of improvements that NEED to be made for the third one to be a success:

- Increase the winning chances on the slots! I spinned the slots a total of 54 times and I won 2 times, a total of 700 gold. What!? Over 10 levels of digging and spinning and I can't buy one warrior with the amount of gold I won over the ENTIRE game. That is just ridiculous. FIX THIS, it is very frustrating.

- Add just a little depth to the atmosphere. A couple lines of story on the beginning, like a king asking you to lead the troops against a horde of invaders or something might seem like a waste of time, but for many players it's not! This makes the game just a little more rewarding to play. Now you just start the game and when you finish it, all you get is "congrats". No suspension, no drama, no nothing. If you could team up with an animator and make cut-scenes.. well, you could do VERY well popularitywise. Well done cut-scenes would be fucking awesome.

- Longer waves on later stages. This will make the game that much more epic. Imagine if the last stage was 10 waves long instead of 3, you spent all your gold, enemies are getting tougher and tougher and all your units have leveled up. It's frustrating to build a great team and then lose them SO SOON without any compensation.

- Another, skill-based mini-game. There's a million choices on which way to go, from tetris-like mini-games to a pinball - thing. You could dig up tickets for this game the same way you get tickets for slots. And you could earn a little money here too. Much more fun than slots!

- More mana as you progress, it's stupid to have to use a potion every 2 spells. Spells should be a bigger part of the game.

- More TOUGH opponents. Now it's a swarm of little bastards, a couple very big ones would be exciting.

- Gaining health between levels.

- Being able to buy upgrades on characters once they've leveled up (like lvl 2 knight could buy a boost to his dmg, a lvl 3 knight could buy 1 more square of range etc.)

Well, I'm out of characters, so that's it for now. I liked the game, but after all.. all the levels were so much alike (I know it's a defense game, but still) and the end was so easy and unsatisfying that it just left a bad taste in my mouth.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

way 2 slow

this game is way 2 slow... even tho it has super grafic and game play it still bedome sheep becouse of the un belivebel slow game play....


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Way too easy

I agree with toad, archers, ninja's and then dragons and you can beat the game afk
but fun though
slots were irritating