Luigi's Birthday remake

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Here is a remake of Luigi's Birthday. I don't really know how to cut music into pieces.


Good But

Luigi's 2nd Present Was Not A Diamond, It Was A Chaos Emerald From The Sonic The Hedgehog Series

Uh I dont think so

This seems VERY familiar to a flash that i submitted about Two years ago...so..yeah you basically copied what I did and changed small details..Way to go on originality. Even then...the sprites...were rushed

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thegameboy2008 responds:

I didn't mean to copy off of you dude. You're flash shows things ALWAYS being stolen, and I didn't make that.

Its good

I like the script, the next time play a few notes on a keyboard or get copyleft music for the video. Please people don't be mean, he is learning and trying to do something funny for us, so it is basic and let him keep on do the best he can.

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thegameboy2008 responds:

you're a great help!

it wasn't that good imo

Not tryin to sound like a jerk but the sprite work lacked, it could have used some music, and it shouldn't loop imo. Try harder next time

thegameboy2008 responds:

alright buddy

it's okay, could be better

Well, it was okay, if there was a joke in there it wasn't all that funny.
Good animation though, i can see how you tried to make it look like the actual games of mario, im not sure about your skill level in drawing, but maybe it would pay to draw mario and luigi yourself. But if you're not that skilled maybe you could be a little more careful with cutting out the sprites, i saw some white edges on the images which made look a bit dodgy

other than that you did well, the storyline is good and im sure with practice you can improve, goes to show that not all animations need violence or sex to be interesting

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thegameboy2008 responds:

I'm no good at flash art

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Aug 29, 2008
8:27 PM EDT
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