Escape From Slugville

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Author Comments

Fixed some bugs. May take a bit to update
After several months, it's finally done.
This game is not focused on killing enemies or increasing your score, but tries to focus mainly on exploration and collection. Have fun, and be sure to rate and review.

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I liked the game!

Does that mean I am out of the incrowd or just a fan boy? Anyways great game to me. The few problems I found were that the walking speed is too slow (as poeple have said) a glich that made bullets appear in the next room if the guy shot at you and you left. Also the movie in the begining seemed off. I don't know why but it did not look as if someone would fall into a sewer pipe that way. Maybe he is about to take a step in the sewer pipe instead of next to it. Anyways I love your art style so keep animating!


well, since i cant finish my platformer in time, kudos for the 500 bucks.

although, you still could've taken the time to put a real plot in it, instead of rushing it to the first month of the contest.

okay, sooo

After playing this, I feel like there was so much more that could have been added. The only real reason that you're getting an 8/10 and a 4/5 is because of the graphics. The edges of the rocks and platforms dont entirely work, and the overall gameplay could be sped up a little bit. The fact that you are just running around collecting stuff wont keep a ton of people entertained for more than 2 minutes. I think adding enemies is essential in a platform game, and this one needed them badly. You have the artistic talent, but you just need to get the idea right.

ToasterDemon responds:

k, Thanks for the review :) I didn't add too many enemies, because I was trying to focus on exploration.

it was good but

its just not new like if you look on newgrounds there's probably a million platform games people are most likely sick of playing them.

unhappy face ):

after reading the reviews and seeing that you put months of work into this game, I really, REALLY wanted to enjoy this game

but to be brutally honest...its just not very good.
there are many bugs, for example when I was in the 'press shift to make the platform go up' room, checking the map caused me to teleport back to the top.
Also with the squished octopus thing (im assuming) it was already crushed when I came to it, even though I didn't push any rock.

the walk cycle is a bit juttery, I can't really say much, I couldn't of made a better one, but still It could of been a bit better.

you do have good ideas in this game, the rising slime room was cool, and the whole exploration over violence idea you have is nice to see, but it just seems under cooked

the walking speed was just terrible,it got especialy annoying after I fell down the same hole three times in a row.

alot of things don't make sense either:
why is there a techno room in a slimey slugfilled world?
was there any point of that bell?
and why call it slugville in the first place to be honest, I saw two snails and...a giant killer robot which shoot missiles out of its mouth?...WTF?!

the entire game gave a whole 'unfinished vibe' in my opinion.

It makes me unhappy to give a low score, because you've obviously put alot of effort into this game, but in the end I didn't have much fun playing the game.

hope you do better next time!
Lankie ^^

Credits & Info

3.94 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2008
6:27 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop