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Flash real-time strategy.

Arrow: Move camera
B: Show Buy-panel
Esc: Goto in Mainmenu
WASD: Move camera
fire: left mouse
movement: mouse


Great game!

A great idea, good animation, good gameplay.The only bad thing is the music- it gets pretty damn annoying.

Very basic

Would love to see more.

Some user-interface issues, but cool game!

If this is your first Flash game, then well done! I like the use of power ups on the field. Very interesting for an RTS! The artwork a pretty good quality too.

I think the controls would have been better if there was a mouse-controlled menu system instead of buttons. The buttons for scrolling were fine though. Also, the building of a tank was kind of redundant, since you needed all three parts to have one at all. I would have just had a "build tank" button to press.

At least as of this review, the "scores" button is not doing anything. Just to let you know.

I can tell you know how to program and have a good eye for game design. I think you just need to polish up the presentation a bit. I hope to see more!

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The tanks aren't that good at following directions, I kept selecting and pointing but at half way there they decided to just turn and go away.
Also, there should be a way to set the target to an enemy instead of plain ground. I know the pictures are pretty self explanitory but putting name on the items won't hurt you.

Has promise

There are a few things which stop this game from being really fun. Namely the poor AI which directs the tanks. They seem like they randomly wander all over the place, even when given specific orders. Some times, my tank will circle a power up like there is some sort of force field around it. And even if the tanks do head off in the direction you want them to, they are too easily distracted by enemy tanks. If I give a tank a mission, unless it is attacked, I assume that my assigned task will be completed.

Things to help this game out

1) When created, tanks should queue up in a "holding pen" defending the base until given orders to move out. 2) When given an order, tanks should avoid obstacles, like rocks and trees, and take a direct route to the area assigned. 3) tanks ordered to attack should do so in the most direct manner. 4) There should be some tank option that's sole purpose is to collect powrer-ups and bring them back to the plant to be used in future tanks. 5) Minor grammar issues throughout the game should be fixed, but that's not really important.

I do like this game and it should be a 7 or an 8 with a few mods.

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3.19 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2008
9:36 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)