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This man-eating creature comes during the winter months, when food is hard to find. Much larger than a human, it has glaring eyes, is naked and gaunt, and brings blizzards with it when it hunts. It feeds on human beings, at times possessing them to find more victims. It is said that throwing excrement is a way to avoid possession. The only way to get the Windigo out of a person is to kill the person, cut their body into pieces and burn it. Not very helpful to the victim, but a great horror plot twist.
Considered by the Sikuani to be the "Master of Fish", the Munuane appears as a toothless, gray-haired guardian demon with eyes in his knees. He travels on a raft and uses a bow and arrow to dispatch those who are taking too many fish from the river. He is very large and not very bright. He only attacks greedy fishermen and is an excellent shot. If the victim has a chance to fight back, the creature's knees are his weak point.
This is a fairy from Great Britain who leads travelers astray by using am image of a flickering torch. He is about one foot tall, wearing a lambskin coat, moleskin shoes and a hat made of green moss with a feather sticking out of it. He believes the woods are his and will harm or kill any human he catches trespassing, usually by trickery. He is an illusionist and can fool the human mind into seeing things that are not there. If caught by a Duergar, staying still until daylight is the only way to survive. Any movement can be deadly.
A mischievous spirit that is easily offended or angered. Most often appears human with hoofed feet. One way to spot one, should your victim come across a stranger in your story, is the stranger will seem slightly weird and have oddly unfocused dreamy eyes. It kills an offending human slowly by sucking the victim's life force out of their body. Iron is a powerful repellent for this creature; even the word spoken several times can drive the creature away long enough for an escape.
This creature appears as a beautiful and an irresistible maiden. Dressed all in white, her skin is pale and her breath is like frost. She can appear as a vapor or mist, and kills her victims by sucking their life from their own lips. Should a male victim catch her eye, she will extract some sort of promise before letting him go. Later, she will disguise herself as a human female to become romantically involved with him. Should he break his oath, she appears in her true form and kills him. There is not much that can be done should she attack; avoidance seems to be the best course of action.
A malevolent man-eating demon who roams the desert, this shape-shifter is seen at times as a friend, fellow traveler, birds, and even inanimate objects. When in its natural state, it is tall with a huge pointed head and bloody fanged teeth. The males carry large clubs to use against their victims. A good defense to these creatures is fire and dogs. When traveling in the desert overnight, sleeping in a circle of fire with dogs keeping watch will keep you safe.



funny ass joke u guys might suck balls but this joke is pretty funny

You get a 1...

But thats basied only on your semi-decent choice of song.

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oblanda responds:

song is at least worth 5 you damn fuck


The KK is dead and it's better that way
stop submitting these low-quality works

oblanda responds:

go here and see is it dead

Vill du ha marmelad?

Vill du ha marmelad?
(Translated from swedish it means:)
Do you want jam?

oblanda responds:

i eat little children


Die KK die Die DIE!!!........Although, l've chosen to refuse to get mad and put pointless reviews here, so l do have a suggestion. Instead of just putting all the pictures on there at once, y not put them up one at a time? At least that way it has a little more to look at other than just shaky pictures, and that way it wouldn't be just spam.

oblanda responds:

well why dont you submit them that way? cunt

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