Dungeon Sweet Dungeon

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This is my first submission. I have worked on this game quite a bit, please let me know what you think of it.

EDIT7: Release 1.5 is uploaded. I fixed the trap upgrade bug and -hopefully- the hero freeze bug. Let me know if it actually works, because the hero freeze bug never occurred to me, so I had to figure out the problem just relying on other people reports...

...and this is all for now.
I'm working on some bug fixes, but I don't think I will add new features to this game again...
...because I'll be adding new features in Dungeon Sweet Dungeon 2, of course! ^__-

You play as a Dungeon Master who wants to build the greatest dungeon of all the realm. With the help of your loyal slave, you can dig your own dungeon shaping it as you wish, fill it with monsters and traps, and hide the treasure. When you are ready, you can send your slave to town to find a hero willing to raid your dungeon, then watch him meet his doom... or escape with the treasure!
Beating hero after hero, you will gradually enlarge your dungeon, buy more powerful monsters, and increase your treasure.
Will you manage to draw the attention of the God of Light himself?
This game features 20 monsters, 8 traps, 8 hero classes... and a bit of humor ^__-
For an extra challenge try to complete the game shaping your dungeon in an artistic form, and, if you want, send me a screenshot of your best looking dungeon! ^__^


This game would be so awesome if it wasn't for the fact that heros could come in and break all your traps, I get that they can disarm them and myabe after a while get broken, but when you've spent 100's of gold to upgrade them and some dick comes in and smashes them all up and whenyou do finally kill the fuck you only get something pittyful like 30gold, no where near enough to cover even half the damage it puts ou back about 10 places >=\

love the gamme but when is there going to be an update or the second one come out

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Very good!

This game is a good game, it reminds me of Dungeons and Dragons, and i like to build temples using that thing, awesome!

Awesome Game

It's so simple yet so awesome, Reminds of Dungeon Keeper.
If you make a sequal [and I hope you do] could you please make it so monsters are healed after a battle [or atleast make it so you pay for it.]

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I found a funny glitch

If you put the gold right in front of the door, you get a level 0 person

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4.16 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2008
4:37 PM EDT
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