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Shoot 'Em Down 1

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This is something I made with a little help form my artist friend. Thx.



1.they need to go slower
2.more lives

Not Bad

~ Good
The small filesize was good. Also, the graphics style was pretty good.

~For Next Time
The lives system, as milinko959 said, wasn't really fair because half the time there was nothing on the screen! Maybe if it was constantly on teh screen but moving around sporadically that would be better. Also, some music would have good.

~ Z

Not fair

^^Good Points^^
I liked how the lives system worked in this game. That was pretty unique and is good in theory, however it didn't work in this game...

^^Needs Improving^^
The lives system doesn't work because half the time, there is nothing on the screen to click, so you are wasting away your life meter and can do nothing about it. Next time, make the enemies stay on the screen to make this meter fair. I didn't like the drawings, they looked very rushed, and the sound effects got annoying after hearing them a couple times.

It was boring, there wasn't much to it.

It was just really boring, occaisonally things would appear on screen and you'd have to click on them to kill them, there just wasn't much to it at all and it was just boring and repetitive as the action was consistently the same, there wasn't even a change in difficulty, which there really should have been as it would have given the game some sort of change instead of it just being the same thing the whole way through, it would also have been nice if they'd had been an ending of some sort instead of just going on and on until you lose all your lives. You also needed to add soem sort of challenge, perhaps they could have been attacking you and you could have had to kill them before they killed you or something. You also needed to make the enemies appearance less random, as there were times when I was just waiting for absolutely ages for the next enemy to appear, which was kind of annoying. Also you needed to add some music to it as it was mainly silent and it made it feel even worse than it was, it would also have been nice if you'd had had a background instead of it being just black.

Peace Out, Afro Stud


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not really, it is like... very poor

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1.39 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2000
5:35 PM EDT
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