Dragon University

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Enrol at the Dragon University as a young dragon and learn the skills and knowledge required before you can graduate and become a Naturally Speaking Dragon. Combining the classic frogger style game-play into spelling, typing, and mouse controlled activities makes this game a challenge for gamers of all ages and nationalities (being available in 6 languages)! See how well you can spell, how fast you can type, and how well you can control the mouse in this fun little adventure that is Dragon University.

We've got flying lessons, river jumping and shooting fireballs at sheep so why not enrol now and see if you can graduate from Dragon University. Test your dragon skills today!

The main game uses the up, down, left, right controls. Bonus rounds use the full keyboard + mouse.


Suits the purpose

From a marketing point of view, the game was very well made, with a nice and effective interface. The competition and email collection is also clever, and I like how the game didn't bug me about the product until after the game.

Sure, the game elements could have been more gamey, but it's pretty good and the right length for an advergame.


qwell at least you tried to make a ghame for all ages and thats wat counts

A Spelling Game?

This would be a nice game for a third grade class in an elementary school, but as for Newgrounds no. I must say for an educational game this one bored me, educational games are supposed to be fun, this is not. You just stole from frogger (like any educational game maker) and repeated the playing of "frogger" more times than necessary. Also the typing exercise was a bit confusing for me to be honest, I didn't even know how I lost or what I was doing even though I knew exactly what I was typing... you need to fix that and make the games more exciting to play. You also could've experimented more with sound, drop by the Audio Portal and see what you like. You stated in your author's comments "a challenge for gamers of all ages." You can keep saying it, but I have not found the challenge in this game... except for that typing round.

|| Good Points ||
*Interesting Idea
*Good Sound
*Great Artwork
*Good Animation

|| Bad Points ||
*Way Too Easy
*Stole From Frogger - Overused As Well
*Not Really Fun - Boring
*Bad Story

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Realy good but a nightmare for dyslexic people...

Took me for ever to get through the first level... -_-

german version: embarrassing

As already mentioned... There are typos or at least words like:

seid | seit --> are (plural) | since

it's not possible to get what you want to have

umlouds should work, ß (s-zett in german) didn't work, some words that should be correct (sheep hunt stuff) I didn't know...

Overall good game and great idea, but severe deductions due to this stuff

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3.30 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2008
11:23 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other