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This flash is dedicated to great baseball player Whitey Ford. We ll miss that fine player, no one made as much homeruns as you did man.
Baseball league got your place in the Hall of Fame i kno you deserved it.......

Whitey Ford began his Major League Baseball career on July 1, 1950, with the Yankees. In 1951 and 1952 he was out for military service, but he rejoined in 1953, and in that year, the Yankee "Big Three" pitching staff became a "Big Four," as Ford joined Allie Reynolds, Vic Raschi, and Eddie Lopat. Eventually he went from the #4 pitcher on a great staff to the universally-acclaimed #1 pitcher of the Yankees. To honor his acheivements on the mound the Yankees retired his #16 uniform number (he had worn #19 in 1950, but from 1953 on wore the number 16). In 1955, he led the American League in complete games and games won; in 1956 in earned run average and winning percentage; in 1958, in earned run average; and in both 1961 and 1963, in games won and winning percentage. In 1961 he won the Cy Young Award. He played his entire 16-year career as a Yankee, retiring in 1967.



There were no peni's and no epileptic backgrounds !
You're a hero ! I'm giving you a 4 because a 5 is decent for you x) (Mmmm, don't worry, it's a 4.5/10 ;) )

oblanda responds:


That guy sounded like Eminem.

I thought the KK was dead? Whatever. I liked the song. Except the beginning. But that's pretty much it. The lack of penis was a plus.

oblanda responds:

song is eminem-i remember(Everlast diss) yeah i guess 5 is enough decent for me


It wasn't terrible from something from the KK, At least there were no penis's...

oblanda responds:

thanks scrappy

Just stop

This isn't funny anymore - not to us or the REAL kk. What's gone is gone, you have to just acsept that. Because if your just doing this alone and not in a group like there used to be, it's just a waste of your time. Hardly anybody is going to acknowlege this besides the first day it's out, so why even bother? Are you that pathetic? Eithier join another group so that at least your doing this shit with other people, or try making some REAL flash videos.


oblanda responds:

your 13 years old? you trying to be smart? get the hell outta here before i call your parents hahhahahhahhah

That's just bad

The intro to "Kitty Krew" was better than the entire "video" which was just a photo of Whitey Ford and a Hip-Hop song that had nothing to do with Ford, Baseball or anything, for that matter.

Why would you consider this a tribute to Whitey Ford? If you are that big of a Ford fan, you should be able to put together a much better tribute.

Oh, and "no one made as much homeruns as you did man."??? Huh? I cnanot find any information that would lead me to believe that Ford holds any batting records. he was a great pitcher and still hold several records, but none of them are for is talents with a bat.

oblanda responds:

youre too stupid to figure this one out.......

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