Billy Genocide

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Author Comments

Thanks to all of you guys who like this game. It means a lot.

Billy Genocide started off as a very ambitious game but ended up a compromise, motivated by financial desperation.

I originally intended the game to have a robust fighting system with lot's of unarmed moves, as well as melee weapons and firearms. I also envisioned rescuing people along the way and having additional selectable characters to play in addition to Billy. As the development months went by my money was running out. I had rent and bills to pay and no income coming in. Desperate for the cash (little though it was), I agreed to sell the game as it was.

I have always regretted the decision to publish the game as it was. I really believe I had an opportunity to add a great game to the web, but blew it because of short term financial panic. The experience was a real lesson. If I could do it again, I would try to raise my living expenses some other way, and held off release on Billy Genocide until it was truly excellent. Fellow developers, learn from my mistake.

dLasal - 2011

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The animation was a bit off but it was a enjoyable game the only thing that gets me mad is when trading you had to always trade your weapon of choice no matter if you give them some crack cocain those bastards x3

Well, this was pretty fun. I got a bit irritated by the fact that you didn't really have a choice in trading at those blockades though. No matter what you did, in the end you HAD to offer your weapon to them. But aside from that, it was a nice way to pass the time, I guess.

Yall whats up dlasal man hope you creat a sequal brother I love this game god of gameing is wanting some new bad ass skilles to this bad ass game WOOO BIG WOLF IN THE HOUSE

im over excited for today

dude, i hope you manage to finance and make a killer sequel! this is great! well done!

Badass is right, this game very awkward